Nights At The Roundtable - Van Morrison At The BBC - 1970's

Nights At The Roundtable featuring the inimitable Van Morrison in session at The BBC during the 1970's with tracks cut for the Top Gear Program.


It occurred to me that Van Morrison has been at it a very long time - well over 40 years to be exact. Unlike many artists who haven't weathered the flights of fancy of the audience and music buying public, Morrison has maintained a freshness and a growing legion of fans that fairly defies an age category, and certainly no pigeonhole. The key to the success is, in all probabilities, very simple - good songs, well executed with an unmistakable and clear point of view and that translates into timeless. Apropos and vital in 1967 - apropos and vital in 2011. Can't ask for more. He's just good at what he does.

So tonight, as the result of running across a group of sessions Van Morrison did at The BBC for (I believe) the Top Gear Program (no relation to the Car Show of the same name) in the early 1970's, I thought I would put up three of his most memorable tracks, all recorded by the BBC.

The tracks are:

1. Moondance
2. Wild Night
3. St. Dominic's Preview

Unfortunately, I'm missing the exact session dates, but I suspect they will show up at some point and I will drop them in when I find them.

But in the meantime, get ready for Hump Day and relax. Van's got it under control.

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