Nights At The Roundtable - Veneno Para Las Hadas - 2008

Nights At The Roundtable - Veneno Para Las Hadas, electronica/trance/experimental from Mexico City.


I thought I would finish up this week in Mexico with some electronica from Mexico City by way of Veneno Para Las Hadas. Rather than gum it up with my clumsy explanation, I'll let the entry via their MySpace page explain it:

Veneno Para Las Hadas

Poison for the Fairies The fairies live beneath the world of men and this distance equals the size of their loneliness, where every man is the limit of his degradation.
Monochrome nostalgia as a vessel where sound and silence co-exist: This music is the sweetest poison for those who want to reach the sky.
A project conceived near 1998 merges diverse and often opposite concepts into a voice for everybody:

Vanishing the border between sound and noise, between beauty and horror, travelling through Infatuation as an excuse to possess the man and then annihilate the dreams created by the fairies, our beloved fairies, like the bees, die after delivering their essence. And as if they didn’t know, they repeat it as the irony of living.
Born and raised in Mexico City, Veneno Para Las Hadas a concept of Ethel Castro(Master mind voice and instruments) creates a unique musical experience, unheard before.
Numerous acclaimed performances (e.g. at the “Encuentro de Musica Electronica” Festival for two years in a row) paved their way to claim first prize at the “Concurso de Performance en Mexico”, the most prestigious multimedia art contest in the country.
In 2004 they also set their sights on European ground where they performed at the well known “WGT Festival” in Leipzig and then joining for a stunning tour, the acclaimed act “Samsas Traum” throughout Germany.
Veneno Para Las Hadas is breaching the borders that constrict mankind whilst spreading their art as a mean to re-connect the broken links inside peoples mind, leaving an everlasting imprint on the conception of sound.
VPLH (Veneno Para Las Hadas – Poison for the Fairies):
Currently is the dream and the container where ETHEL leads the audience through a world of melancholy. A unique experiment made from sounds and music, originated from the largest concentrations of human beings: Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City).

Got that? Okay, here's tonight's track, Voodoo Flowers from 2008.

As always, check out their MySpace page. Not only does it give more background on the group, it's one of the best designed pages I've seen, and certainly evocative of what they're all about.

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