Nights At The Roundtable - We Are The Grand - 2010

Nights At The Roundtable - We Are The Grand - Indie/Post-Punk from Chile by way of Liverpool.


Ever since I posted some tracks by Intimate Stranger, a Chilean band living in the UK, I've been barraged with similar bands springing up all over the Santiago area.

One of them is a new group (well . . .new in the sense they're about two years old) called We Are The Grand. Like Intimate Stranger, they are more of less operating out of two Capitols; Santiago and Liverpool in the UK and have been practicing, recording and gigging up a storm the past few months.

They have a new ep out "Chasing Lights" and I think (but am not completely sure) tonight's track, Let's Keep It Physical is off that ep.

In any case, it's new, they're relatively new and it all points up to continued evidence music is happening everywhere and seems to be happening a lot, particularly in Chile these days.

Check 'em out and check out their friends.

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