Nights At The Rountable - Francoise Hardy - 1965

Nights At The Roundtable - Francoise Hardy - 60's French icon with Je T'aime - 1965


Some French 60s Pop tonight. And you can't consider that without adding Francoise Hardy to the equation. More than any other French singer of her generation, Hardy epitomized extreme cool elegance with a seductively engaging voice. It's been said that she came along at exactly the right place and exactly the right time and what was different about her, separating her in many ways from her contemporaries, was that she wrote 80% of own material and was a talented musician in her own right.

So it really wasn't any wonder that she became a worldwide sensation during that wild period of artistic upheaval known as the 1960s. That she has maintained a worldwide popularity to this day (she's still recording and performing) is further testimony of what a great talent Francoise Hardy is.

Tonight's track comes off her 1965 Vogue Records album Francoise Hardy. Je T'aime is a pretty accurate picture of what made her such an icon.

No translation necessary.

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