October 4, 1990 - Coups, Reunifications And Saber Rattling

October 4, 1990 - Another coup attempt in the Philippines, German reunification underway, the Budget, the Iraq War buildup. Another day in paradise.


October 4, 1990 - another coup was thwarted in The Philippines. Meanwhile, a reunited German Parliament met in the Bundestag for the first time in 45 years. Saber rattling was continuing in the Middle East and at home, there was this little matter of the budget deficit cutting package.

Bill Lynch (CBS News): “As Congress heads for a critical test today on the $500 billion deficit cutting package, members are torn between appeals from President Bush to save the economy and the howls of constituents complaint pouring through their mail slot and telephone lines. Take these San Francisco voters:

Unidentified Woman: “It’s a shame that the couldn’t come up with something a little better. It seems like the bulk of the damage is done to the middle-class, which is me.”

Unidentified Man: “It’s going to kill the middle class, those of us who make total income of $30-80 thousand dollars and I am absolutely against that.”

Yes, what middle class?

Twenty years ago today.

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