Sunday Gramophone - Pierre-Max Dubois Violin Concerto With Devy Erlih - 1950

Sunday Gramophone - Pierre-Max Dubois: Concerto For Violin and Orchestra, performed live at the 19th Strasbourg Festival - The Strasbourg Radio Symphony, conducted by Louis Martin and featuring Devy Erlih, Violin.


Going along with our public performance and private recordings of the past, I thought I would toss out a violin concerto by a composer virtually unheard of in the States. Pierre-Max Dubois was a pupil of Darius Milhaud and came very much under the influence of Les Six (the famous group of composers prevalent in the early part of 20th Century French music). Although he is probably best known for his Saxophone Concerto, his violin concerto is something of a mystery. Various books list it's first performance as June 17, 1957 - however, the discs I have, via the French Radio Transcription Service say it's a live performance from the 19th Annual Strasbourg Music Festival which would put it at 1950 or 1951. In any event, this performance features the Strasbourg Radio Symphony conducted by Louis Martin and featuring the legendary Devy Erlih as solo violin.

Something new if you've never heard it featuring a violinist whose work ranks him as one of the finest.

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