Third Week In November 1985 - Reagan, Gorbachev And Star Wars

News of the week for October 19, 1985 - The Reagan/Gorbachev summit.


A busy week in November, 1985. The Reagan/Gorbachev Summit meeting in Geneva was underway and olive branches were flying all over the room.

Pres. Reagan: “It was a constructive meeting. So constructive in fact that I look forward to welcoming Mister Gorbachev to the United States next year.”

And the gesture was reciprocated by Gorbachev who extended an invitation for Reagan to visit Moscow. Known as The Fireside Summit, it was the first the two had met and would result in four more over the next few years. But this was a "breaking the ice" meeting and speculation was rife over how it would or would not turn out.

Here is a wrapup for the week, part of ABC Radio's World News This Week.

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