For The Week Of January 11, 1975 No Walks In The Park.

News for the week ending January 11, 1975. South Vietnamese Army overrun by North Vietnamese in Battle of Phuoc Long, ongoing Israeli/Palestinian raids, Frank Church recommends cut in oil imports and several prominent names in the Watergate scandal are released early from prison.


January 11th ended the week in 1975, and unless you were one of the Watergate defendants you weren't all that unhappy to see it go.

The end of the week, that January 11th saw the South Vietnamese Army retreating from Phuoc Long province, some 70 miles away from Saigon as North Vietnamese troops continued their march south. There was some speculation the U.S. would once again be put in the position of sending in military support to the South Vietnamese, but that particular chapter was behind us. It was up to the government in Saigon to sort that one out.

The Middle East conflict continued with Israelis and Palestinians trading gunfire and border raids. The Church Committee, headed up by Senator Frank Church recommended a cutting in imported oil as a way of easing our dependence on it. And Jeb Magruder, Nicholas Kalmbach and John Dean were given early releases from their original prison sentences in the Watergate scandal.

And so it was reported on The World This Week from CBS Radio on January 11, 1975.

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