Year-Enders: ". . . And 1986 Was No Romp In The Park Either"


(1986: A year of contradictions)

Continuing our Thousand Yard Stare at years gone past, I came across 1986 and this year-end wrap up from Lesley Stahl on Face The Nation. It's a quick gloss over, probably because each story is good for about a weeks worth of posts. Nonetheless, it gives a good introduction to just what kind of year 1986 was. A lot of contradictions, not to mention denials. Between Libya, Iran-Contra, the upheaval in the Phillippines, Chernobyl - it was a busy year.

Lesley Stahl (CBS News): “What would happen to your country if Mrs. Aquino becomes President?”

Ferdinand Marcos (Philippine President): “The country will become Communist.”

The oft-used famous last words, but another indication of where 1986 was heading.

We'll be spending a lot of time there in the weeks/months ahead - fear not.

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