Ann Coulter Slams President For Celebrating His Birthday For A Week Like Kim Jong Il


Apparently Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter have never gotten past the maturity level of a couple of mean kids in high school with this juvenile nonsense. After asking Coulter if she would be willing to sing happy birthday for President Obama like Marilyn Monroe did for JFK (I know, brain bleach please), and Coulter refusing, she took this cheap shot at him for daring to celebrate his 50th birthday today.

COULTER: No I'm still working on what to get him for, he's celebrating his birthday for a week. We've got time, although Bush did that too. No, no, no, it wasn't Bush. It was Kim Jong Il who was celebrating his birthday for a whole week.

Sadly we can just add Coulter to the other wingnuts at Fox who were bashing President Obama for celebrating his birthday as well -- Fox News Attacks Obama For Celebrating His Birthday. I guess poor little Annie's got to up the ante just a notch to feel she's still relevant in Wingnutville at Fox.

And for more on the madness at Fox on President Obama's birthday celebration, Media Matters as always was doing their job monitoring Fox here -- Fox's Brainless "Brainroom" Attacks Obama For Birthday Fundraiser:

On his Fox News show tonight, Sean Hannity attacked President Obama for hosting a birthday fundraiser, claiming that Obama was "turning his back on the American people" at a time when the nation is struggling with debt and a slow economy.

During the segment, Hannity aired a graphic prepared by the "Fox News Brainroom" that claimed Obama had headlined 37 "re-election fundraisers" "to date," while President George W. Bush had only headlined three fundraisers "as of June 2003."

First of all, the numbers shown for Bush are simply untrue.

In June 2003 -- shortly after Bush had declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq, but with fierce fighting still going on in the country -- Bush headlined re-election fundraisers on June 17, June 20, and June 23. Bush then capped off the month with two fundraisers on June 27.

Note to Fox's "Brainroom": That's five fundraisers in June 2003 alone. And these are just the events in which Bush made a speech that was posted on his White House website.

More there so go read the rest. If President Obama had an R rather than a D behind his name, these idiots would be wanting to put him up on Mount Rushmore along with St. Ronnie. I guess if that were the case they'd have forgiven him for being born half black as well. But since he has a D behind his name, we get treated to the likes of Coultergeist comparing him to Kim Jong Il. Way to stay classy Ann.


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