Axelrod: Romney 'Must Be Looking In A Fun House Mirror' If He Thinks He's An 'Economic Heavyweight'

While being asked about the Obama administration deciding not to wait until the Republican primary race is over to start going after the remaining presidential candidates, David Axelrod got in a pretty good dig on Mitt Romney's constant claims that he's somehow the one with the experience to manage the economy during his interview on CBS's Face the Nation.

SCHIEFFER: You know it seems like that you all were waiting for the Republicans to pick a nominee before you actually sort of kicked off the-- the general election campaign. But I got the sense last week you were tired of waiting and decided to just go ahead when the President and the vice president went out there and made some pretty strong attacks. Do you have any idea who you think you're going to be running against yet?

AXELROD: No, I don't. And you should address that to your next guest, you know, we thought we'd have a nominee by that-- by now. But, you know, every time it looks like Mister Romney has some momentum he gets setback. He hasn't been able to make the sale to his own party. And, you know, here in Illinois, we have a primary on Tuesday. He's outspending Rick Santorum seven to one and yet the polls are pretty narrow-- narrowly in his favor right now. So I think the Republican Party is having a hard time picking a nominee.

I will say this, Bob. I do watch him parading around the state calling himself an economic heavyweight. And it's the same pitch that he made in 2002 to the people in Massachusetts. And what happened? Massachusetts went from 10th in the nation in job creation to 47th. Their debt went up 16.5 percent. Government jobs grew at six times the rate of private sector jobs. If that makes you-- if he thinks he is an economic heavyweight he must be looking in a fun house mirror because that is not the record of an economic heavyweight.


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