Bay Buchanan Says Obama Has 'Dummied-Down' Supreme Court After Calling Palin Qualified To Be President


Ed Schultz takes a well-deserved whack at Bay Buchanan for saying that President Obama has "dummied-down" the Supreme Court with his pick of the former dean of Harvard Law School Elena Kagan -- especially after she said this about her brother Pat's girlfriend Sarah McQuitter, right after McCain selected her to be his choice for Vice President.

Buchanan: John McCain has made a remarkable decision. It was quite... look... in fact it's brilliant. She has one accomplishment after another, all of which are very much on a president...

King: So you have no concerns about her being president.

Buchanan: Not only am I not concerned. She is extraordinarily qualified.

There are plenty of reasonable objections one might have to Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court. Implying she's dumb isn't one of them. Ed, when you guys get her hack brother to take his cot out of the MSNBC studios (where I suspect he lives other, than his weekly hike over to the PBS studio to scream at Eleanor Clift), you'll have some room to talk about CNN.


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