Cenk Uygur Slams Gingrich And Rumsfeld For Having No Credibility To Criticize Actions In Libya


Whether any of us agree or disagree on the president's decision to go into Libya, Cenk Uygur is right here about hypocrites Newt Gingrich and Donald Rumsfeld and their recent comments on the subject. They have absolutely no credibility to criticize anything.

UYGUR: Look, the Republican Party is the how-to guide on how not to deal with the Middle East. Listening to the GOP for advice on the Middle East is like going to Bernie Madoff for financial advice.

Dave already wrote about Newt's flip-flopping here -- Gingrich leads the right-wing hypocrisy brigade on Libya: First slams Obama for not acting, then slams him for acting.

This is the interview with Politico that Cenk was referring to in the clip above -- Donald Rumsfeld: White House lacks goals, vision for Libya.

As Uygur mentioned, it appears NATO has agreed to take over the no-fly zone in Libya --NATO to take over no-fly zone.

It looks like the United States is still going to be flying the bulk of the missions there for who knows how long though. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me why we can afford this but we can't afford to pay our teachers. When are we going to have some calls for some "shared sacrifice" from the have-mores for these military interventions?


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