Chickenhawks Hannity And Giuliani Demand That Obama Get More Aggressive With N. Korea


Despite their insistence that they really don't want the United States to go to war with North Korea after all of the bluster we've heard from Kim Jong Un and his warnings that his country is authorized to wage nuclear strikes against the United States, Fox's Sean Hannity and his guest, Rudy "Noun, A Verb and 9-11" Giuliani did their best to push the notion that the United States should do just that.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not in the mood for a bunch of bluster from a couple of chickenhawks on Faux News, thumping their chest and complaining that President Obama hasn't been aggressive enough with his foreign policy to suit them.

I'm also not sure why someone who put the Office of Emergency Management in the basement of the World Trade Center and who lies constantly about his so-called "expertise" on terrorism is qualified to weigh in on anything, much less whether we should start a nuclear war.

Hannity is still bound and determined to rewrite history and pretend that George W. Bush's brand of foreign policy and preemptive invasions "kept us safe." He's been ranting and raving about this all week (Giuliani actually wasn't the worst of the recent guests complaining about how "weak" President Obama is on foreign policy. The day before, he had on Iran-Contra criminal, Oliver North.)

Faux "News" is becoming a bad parody of itself, day after day.


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