Chris Hayes Gives Viewers A Reason To Tune Into MSNBC On The Weekends


Chris Hayes has done a very good job of filling in during the week for some of the prime time hosts at MSNBC and he's now got his own show on the weekends. I'll just say I agree with Digby as to why his new show is a welcome change from, as she put it, "the usual cable news fare." It's definitely a welcome change from five hours or so of Alex Witt on the weekends and her cozying up to "her boys" Pat Buchanan and useless so-called "Democratic strategist" Peter Fenn and the general just gossipy and celebrity driven gist of her so-called "news" coverage, or the typical he said/she said nature of any of her "reporting" on politics from MSNBC on the weekends.

Shows like Witt's always seemed to me to be much more concerned over whether they're just being polite to their guests who come on their show and lie, rather than ever calling them out for those lies, because heaven forbid if you did that, they might not come back on your show again to lie some more to the public. Thankfully, the MSNBC viewers will now be exposed to two less hours of that each day on the weekends.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard Chris was going to get his own show, but it looks like he just gave me a reason to reprogram the DVR for the weekends if this first show is any indication.


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