Chris Rock: 'I'll Pay Higher Taxes'

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From The Hill's "Hill Tube" -- Actor Chris Rock: 'I'll pay higher taxes' :

Actor Chris Rock doesn't mind paying more in taxes. The way he sees it — in the end he'll have to spend the money anyway.

"I'll pay higher taxes. I look at it this way I can pay higher taxes and people can have jobs or I can pay lower taxes and I have my kid's teacher asking me for a loan, which is true," said Rock to The Associated Press.

"So I'm going to lose the money no matter what."

Rock also told the AP that as president of the United States, President Obama is like a father figure to the country.

"That's your job when you run anything is to reassure, so that's all I hope for, some reassurance." Read on...

Cue the feigned outrage at Fox where they're screaming for him to mail in a check in 10... 9... 8....


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