Chuck Todd Flips The Bird On Live Television Triggering Right's Latest Feigned Outrage For The Day


There are a lot of reasons I'd like to see Chuck Todd off of the air at MSNBC, but this incident on Morning Joe this Wednesday when Todd thought he was off camera, is not one of them. Apparently he caused a bit of a dust up with the latest feigned outrage for the day as our web developer at C&L, Jamie noted earlier today:

Chuck Todd Flips The Bird On National Television, Triggering The Apocalypse:

Here comes today's outrage from the right wingers. During a lead in, in which Chuck Todd thought the cameras were off, he get's caught flipping that notorious middle finger.

This was captured by the wingnut site NewsBusters and has this added commentary:

Will there be repercussions for Todd? Stay tuned.

Even on the YouTube NewsBusters posted you have a bunch of wingnuts calling for Todd to be fired and now Fox has picked up on it.

But certainly a Republican would NEVER do something like this - would they? Read on...

This isn't the first time someone on Morning Joe got themselves into trouble for profanity on the air. Mark Halperin was suspended from MSNBC back in June for calling President Obama a dick on Morning Joe. And Scarborough dropped the f-bomb back in November of last year.

Chuck Todd did apologize for the incident on Twitter.


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