Coulter Repeatedly Calls President Obama Putin's 'Monkey'


It looks like Little Orphan Annie is trying to help the Republicans out with their minority outreach again. If anyone wants to know just how blatant your race baiting has to get for Sean Hannity to ask you why you're doing it, you've got your answer in the segment above from his show this Monday evening.

Her buddy Rush Limbaugh took to the airways to call President Obama's plan for Syria "Operation Shuck and Jive." I guess Coultergeist didn't want to let the day pass with Limbaugh winning the award for being the most in-your-face racist asshole for the day.

And, as Media Matters has been documenting, the right seems to have some new love affair with Russian President Vladimir Putin these days. If anyone had spoken the same way about Hannity's hero, George W. Bush when he was in office, he would have been screaming like a wild man and calling them traitors and saying they didn't love their country. Hannity of course has no similar qualms about how he or anyone else who appears on either his show or his network has talked about President Obama.

I don't know how all of this is going to play out in Syria, but if they do manage to get Assad to give up his chemical weapons without a shot being fired, then that's a good thing. The right is going to attack President Obama no matter what he does, and sadly the Obama derangement syndrome over at Fox only looks like it's getting worse and not better as time passes.


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