Daily Show: Stewart Rips Up The CPAC Crazies

From The Daily Show March 2, 2009. Jon Stewart rips up the crazies at CPAC as only he can. Stewart thinks the crowd at CPAC juuust maybe doesn't like him so much for being part of that evil biased press that doesn't want to give them any fair coverage. Sadly with the state of our media these days and what passes for "news", I'd say he's laying fair claim to being considered part of that group. Especially considering that Daily Show viewers are actually more informed than those that watch Fox. As he demonstrates in this segment, the most "fair" coverage anyone can give to them is to just expose the public to their actual words.

I think the more exposure we give to CPAC and the right wing extremism they cheer there, which is completely out of touch with the rest of the country the better and thank you so much Rush Limbaugh for helping to make that happen. Knowing my horror watching you speak was being shared by millions of other viewers just made my day last weekend. In the past it was just a few dorks like myself that actually subjected themselves to this convention and tried to share the crazier moments with some of the public.

Now that the GOP's new de facto leader Rush Limbaugh has decided to bring the limelight onto this conference, everyone can get a full dose of the crazy which is normally reserved for those of us that watch C-SPAN. Isn't that special?

Stewart does a great job of highlighting some of CPAC's "finer" moments. They're the gift that keeps on giving.


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