Glenn Beck Sorry For "The Way It Was Phrased" When Asked About His "Obama Is A Racist" Comment


Katie Couric asks Glenn Beck about the Tea Baggers he's stirring up at the rallies and whether that bothers him, his comment saying the President is a racist and his comment about poisoning Nancy Pelosi and hitting Charlie Rangel over the head with a shovel. Beck of course shows no remorse for the protesters behavior.

As to the racism comment he says he was sorry for the "way it was phrased" but says "it is a serious question" that he thinks needs "serious discussion".

He asks Couric is she's "ever asked Jon Stewart that question" in response to the Pelosi/Rangel question. Glenn, I don't think Jon Stewart has ever joked about poisoning Nancy Pelosi or hitting Charlie Rangel over the head with a shovel.

Dave N.: It's clear that Beck isn't about to apologize for calling President Obama a racist, because he believes it's true. And you can see, from watching his show this past month, that proving this thesis -- that Obama's radical anti-white racism is driving him to remake the USA as a communist/socialist state -- is his ongoing enterprise.

But even more noxious is his claim that he's bothered by people carrying Obama-as-Hitler signs -- a little, anyway:

Couric: When you see posters -- I'm curious -- of President Obama dressed like an African tribesman --

Beck: Haven't seen those.

[We call BS on this. Everyone's seen those.]

Couric: Or poster of President Obama with a Hitler mustache. I'm curious -- are you comfortable with that? Does that make you uncomfortable?

Beck: I'm as comfortable with that as I was when they -- the people who were marching against the war were doing it to George W. Bush.

Besides the starkly higher proportion of Obama-Hitler signs, there's one really big difference between them: There weren't any leading figures on the left -- particularly not any with a popular cable show -- telling their audiences of millions that Bush was bringing fascism to America.


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