Glenn Beck: We Should Abolish Medicare


Glenn Beck makes Ed Schultz's Psycho Talk segment for this nonsense--Beck: We Should ‘Just Abolish Medicare’:

Yesterday, Senate Democrats working on health care reform reached a compromise on the public option that will create a network of nonprofit insurers and allow Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 to buy into Medicare. The right has hypocritically opposed a government-run public-option while simultaneously defending Medicare. On his radio show today, Fox News host Glenn Beck called Medicare what it is — a “government-run health care plan.”

Beck attacked the new compromise and proposed a simple solution of his own — “abolish Medicare”.

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Digby had this to say about it--Why Don't They All Get Jobs?:

You have to wonder if Beck is aware of the average age of his audience demographic? [...]

Update: Attatuk thinks it probably doesn't matter --- and he's probably right.


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