Jon Stewart Takes Down Graham And McCain For Holding Up Hagel Nomination Over Fake Benghazi Outrage


Jon Stewart absolutely destroyed BFF's Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain over their drummed up fake Benghazi outrage, their petulant behavior at recent Congressional hearings and for holding up the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.

After pointing out that drama queen Graham was probably doing all of the showboating because he's worried about a primary challenge by some teabagger in South Carolina, Stewart then took his ire out on Mr. "Country First" McCain.

As Stewart rightfully pointed out, McCain never seemed to have the same outrage over the thousands of dead Americans after we found ourselves lied into invading Iraq, or the need to hold up cabinet nominations until investigations over that debacle were completed, but he's going to scream and yell over four Americans being killed in Libya as we saw him do when he attacked David Gregory for daring to ask him for details about the supposed "massive coverup" of the administration's handling of the embassy attack.

It's a shame we don't see more of this from those in our so-called "mainstream media" who just keep inviting those two gasbags back on the air.


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