Maddow And Hayes Give Dave Dayen Props For His Financial Regulation Reporting


As Chris Hayes pointed out to Rachel Maddow, some of the most important amendments to the financial reform bill being debated now in the Senate have not come to the floor yet and Harry Reid is going to have to figure out how to get his own caucus under control before this thing gets passed. As Chris said, this is all probably going to end up being shaken out over the next few days. The only good news is that as the debate has drug on the bill has actually gotten stronger instead of weaker, which is a switch for how things normally go in the Senate. The leadership however really doesn't want some of the stronger reforms in this bill.

If anyone wants to keep up with what's going on, David Dayen, former C&L and Hullabaloo contributor and friend of the site who's now blogging over at FDL has been watching all of this like a hawk. You can read all of his latest updates on this debate over there under the FinReg tag.

It was nice to see him get some props for his work on Rachel's show. Sadly too often that is not the scenario, and the cable news shows use material they find on the blogs as their quasi-research department and don't give them credit when they're the source for a story or the reason a story is even on their radar screen. Rachel Maddow has been one of the better ones out there giving bloggers credit where credit is due. I wish I could say the same for the rest of them. - Live Donations Tracking for 2012 Donations - Make a Donation to 2012 Donations


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