Murkowski Wins Alaska Senate Race -- Won't Comment On DADT Or Dream Act


Oh goodie. Looks like we're getting six more years of Senator let's limit BP's liability Murkowski.

From TPM -- AP: Murkowski Wins Alaska Senate Race:

That call comes more than two weeks after the polls closed in Alaksa. State elections officials announced that there were only 700 votes left to count, with Murkowski holding a 10,000-vote lead over her opponent, Republican nominee Joe Miller.

The Miller campaign contested 8,153 write-in ballots that were counted for Murkowski, but she is still ahead by enough unchallenged votes to win the race.

The tea party-backed Miller won a surprise victory over Murkowski in the Republican primary, and has suggested that he'll demand a recount.

The Nation's Chris Hayes scored the first interview with Sen. Murkowski filling in for Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC's The Last Word. Murkowski looked like she'd rather be doing something more pleasant than talking to Chris Hayes like oh say... root canal work. Hayes asked Murkowski how she was planning to vote on Don't Ask Don't Tell and the DREAM Act during the lame duck session or at any time and she punted and refused to answer him.

We've got to get down to doing the people's work... uh huh. Like keeping those Bush tax cuts in place. While Murkowski's win is certainly nothing to celebrate I guess we can take some small solace in seeing Sarah Palin's teabagger buddy Joe Miller get "refudiated" by the voters of Alaska. We'll see how long Joe Miller decides to continue to drag this thing out shortly.


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