New Rule: Stop Talking About Jobs Being Lost In A Murderous Hateful Industry Like It's A Bad Thing

In his New Rules segment, Bill would like us to quit worrying about private sector jobs in the oil industry among others and start making some government jobs producing alternative energy instead. Bill I'm pretty sure those oil rig workers would be happy to be doing something else along with a whole lot of other Americans if the good paying jobs were there. Sadly there's a whole bunch of new "oil industry workers" cleaning up this toxic mess that would rather not be working for them, but don't have too many other choices right now with their previous livelihoods destroyed and that are getting sick as a result of it.

I'm not sure how much worse this has to get before our politicians start treating this as a national emergency and take some of Bill's advice with really putting some money into alternatives.

No more Real Time until September. This was the last show of the season.


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