President Obama On The Tonight Show

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President Obama really excels when he goes on the non political TV shows. He's very natural and like-able and displays a very funny side of himself. That's a great audience for him to reach out to since the majority of these viewers don't sit home watching FOX and listening to Limbaugh all day long. The right wingers are saying that Obama hates all "special Olympics" kids now. ABC's Jake Tapper reached into his stupidmatron and said this:

The first appearance by a sitting president on "The Tonight Show" may well end up being the last.

Talk about looking to try to make something out of nothing, but he's a Villager and that's what they do. Sure, it was a slip of the tongue and something one of us would probably say describing our own bowling ineptitude without meaning any harm to the handicapped. He apologized for it right away, but that won't stop the press to try and find hidden meanings in his words.

John Cook from Gawker has a great post up that destroys these so-called pundits titled:

Barack Obama Doesn't Do Gaffes

It's like Obama is holding Tapper et. al. at bay with and extended hand against the forehead, and they keep swinging at air. Aggrieved right-wingers see a double-standard, but the fact is, the only gaffes that will stick to Obama are the ones that shed some light on who he actually is. Ford wasn't unfairly painted as a bumbling doofus—you could hear the reverberations of all those football concussions in his slurred, affectless voice. Bush wasn't unfairly portrayed as a clueless and callow upward-failer—everything about his presidency is a testament to the accuracy of that sketch.

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First the press used Coach Mike Krzyzewski's sourpuss joke at President Obama because he didn't pick Duke to win the NCCAA's and now this. Stay tuned for more...


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