Rachel Maddow: Michigan High School Is Ground Zero For US Politics

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Kudos to Rachel Maddow for this bit of reporting that the rest of the country is not paying attention to and the tragedy of Catherine Ferguson High School which was the only school of its kind for girls who are pregnant in the Detroit area that was helping these young women with day care for their children and the skills needed to provide for themselves and their children and doing their best to see that they got a chance to go to college.

As her blog noted, this school is slated for potential shutdown now that the new Governor Rick Snyder has decided to take their emergency financial manager law in the state and as Maddow noted, "put it on steroids" and regardless what the citizens of Detroit and their voters want, put this amazing school up for potential closure.

So much for Republicans pretending like they care about democracy. Apparently that's only for those rich enough to pay for it. This story just turned my stomach. The girls who attended that school protested the potential shutdown and the police in Detroit turned on their sirens so their voices could not be heard as they were arrested. It's a sad day in America when we're arresting pregnant girls who just want to make a better life for themselves because the governor of their state has decided that their school system should be one that works off of a profit motive instead of serving the needs of the community they're supposed to be supporting.

If anyone has footage of or hears about protests pushing back against the Michigan governor's actions, let the site know or send us a link. The mainstream media other than Rachel Maddow is ignoring this story. It's tragic and either has already or could easily spread to other states and cities if we don't do some push back that most of the corporate media is not willing to. Let us know if this same sort of thing is happening in your town or city.

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And from http://www.grownindetroitmovie.com/ here's more from the documentary Grown in Detroit.

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