Rubio Blames President Obama For Dragging Out Debt Limit Debate


Never mind the fact that Republicans are completely inflexible and unwilling to give an inch in what is supposed to be a negotiation, or that their leadership has walked out of these meetings, it's all President Obama's fault that they haven't reached an agreement on raising the debt limit according to Sen. Marco Rubio on Face the Nation this morning.

Rubio also pretended like there wasn't any actual negotiations going on unless the president was directly involved himself, which is ridiculous.

RUBIO: As far as waiting long to deal with this, here are the facts, I-- I came to the Washington in January. We already knew this debt limit issue was upon us, nothing happened during the State of the Union. He proposed a budget that was so ludicrous not even the Democrats and the Senate would vote for it, a-- a budget that increased the debt, not solved it. Months went by, weeks went by and up until very recently the President was completely disengaged from this debt limit debate. And I do think that in the context of politics, there was a strategy to leave this to the last possible moment so that there would be a take it or leave it scenario like what some are painting right now. And I repeat-- this is not a game. This is a very serious issue, people watching at home they don’t care who’s going to win this debt limit debate. They want to know how come they can’t find a job and the answer is because until America has a credible solution to its debt problem, people will be afraid to invest in America’s economy and create jobs here at home.

While I don't think raising the debt ceiling and doing negotiations on the budget should have ever been allowed to even be part of the same conversation, there's one party that's shown that it apparently does not know what the word negotiate means, and that's the Republicans.

Rubio also wasn't too happy when Bob Schieffer dared to point out that President Obama inherited a deficit and a bad economy from George Bush, demanding to know when things are going to get better with job creation, even though they've done everything in their power to obstruct anything being passed after Obama was elected that would improve the economy since they want to sabotage it on purpose to help them win in 2012.

They've also all got their latest petulant talking point for the week any time one of them is asked why they haven't moved in agreeing to anything yet on raising the debt ceiling -- President Obama hasn't given them anything in writing yet so they don't know what he's offering during the negotiations.

RUBIO: All right. So where is the President’s plan? I’ve never seen a piece of paper with the President’s name on it that his plan to solve this problem. I’ve seen press conferences. I have seen lectures that he’s given to the Congress. I have seen these press avails where the camera comes in and takes a bunch of pictures. I haven’t seen a plan, where is the President’s plan?

Sen. Rubio, what the hell is your leadership doing in the room during these negotiations if they're not bothering to relay back to you what's being offered by the administration during these meetings? These people really do need to come up with some better talking points because right now they sound like nothing but a bunch of foot-stomping spoiled petulant children.


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