Sean Hannity Is Still Allowing Donald Trump To Pretend He Might Run For President


Even though it's way too late for Donald Trump to mount any kind of serious presidential campaign and to get on the ballot in any of the remaining states if he were to throw his hat into the ring at this late date, Sean Hannity was still allowing Donald Trump to pretend like he might run for president this election cycle on his show this Thursday on Fox.

Hannity also allowed him this huge whopper, which is that he's somehow not allowed to run as long as his show, The Apprentice is still on the air. Trump could have given up that show and run any time he wanted to if he weren't still so concerned about having the income from the show still come in. And apparently Sean Hannity has a really short memory about Trump's flameout when anyone was actually still taking him seriously earlier last year -- Donald Trump's unbelievable candidacy: Its 15 seconds are just about up.

It's really pitiful watching Hannity play right into Trump's hands with helping him with some self-promotion so his next season of The Apprentice gets extended and with feeding the man's ego with any type of air time, which he doesn't deserve.

The only good thing about Donald Trump showing his mug on the air and pretending yet again, that his television show is somehow interfering with a presidential run, is having an excuse to post these videos of Trump being humiliated at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. They should be shown in a continuous loop any time someone pretends we should take him seriously as a presidential contender and not just another grifter like his buddy Palin.

Videos below the fold.

Trump Gets Skewered by Seth Meyers at White House Correspondents Dinner


Trump Gets Roasted by President Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner



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