Sherrod Brown: Quoting Lewin And Associates On Health Care Is Like Quoting The Oil Companies On Energy Legislation


Sherrod Brown took the Senate Republicans to task for their hypocrisy and double speak with pretending like they're standing up for the working class while actually representing the interests of big business. Brown hit them for their opposition to Medicare when they were slamming Medicare as being "socialism", defending the oil industry on energy legislation, defending the drug companies, defending companies that send jobs overseas and defending the insurance industry and the banks.

Brown took a last shot at them for quoting the Lewin Group.

Brown: I hear my colleagues just so liberally if I might use that word to define them, quote Lewin and Associates. Every time Lewin and associates puts out a new study they come to the floor and they ponderously seriously say "Lewin and Associates says that this bill does this". Well Lewin and Associates is owned by... United Health Care which is one of the biggest insurance companies in the country.

So quoting Lewin and Associates on health care is like quoting the oil companies on energy legislation or climate change or quoting the drug companies on the Medicare giveaway to the drug companies bill. I mean, Mr. President, just, you know forget about Lewin and Associates, if they want to comment on something that's got nothing to do with insurance, maybe they're reputable, they used to be reputable, then United Health Care got them and sorry, you know, it's just the way it is.

We could use a few more Sherrod Brown's in the Senate.


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