Stewart: Hannity Seems Like The Show Of A Guy Who Was Hit With A Belt


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart laid into Sean Hannity for defending the former Rutgers basketball coach who verbally and physically abused his players and his remarks that after being hit by a belt by his father growing up, he "turned out okay."

STEWART: Anyway, coming up next, I shout at people I disagree with for an hour. Seriously? You’re okay? Have you seen your show? Because it seems like the show of a guy who was hit with a belt as a child. By the way, it's got to be so exhausting to have to categorize everything that happens through your right/left, two dimensional goggles. This isn't a liberal, left-wing media, persecuting on politically correct grounds. This was a basketball coach who acted like an asshole and got fired.

What is wrong with you? What do you watch The Shining and go "Oh yeah, that's the movie about how Shelley Duvall learned a good lesson"? Like, what are you talking about? But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's Fox's brand. They represent the right, much the same way that MSNBC represents.... ugh.... the near-sighted.

Which brought him to "his main story" for this Thursday night, which was CNN and their "neither left nor right" but "steady spiral downward" since Jeff Zucker decided they need a "new approach" to the news. They were treated to being mocked roundly by Stewart for everything from their over the top use of their virtual studio, to overly graphic crime scene reenactments, to their latest fiasco, which I've had the unfortunate experience of catching some of this week, titled (Get To) The Point. Terrible doesn't even begin to describe it. The show is so bad, it really is unwatchable.


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