C&L's Late Nite Music With Clapton, Sanborn, Miller, Gadd & Sample

Legends Live at Montreux 1997 concert

What more can you ask in a live show at Montreux with none other than Marcus Miller, Eric Clapton, Steve Gadd, Joe Sample and David Sanborn? All are giants in their respective fields and all are dynamite here. If you have the time, you can watch the entire concert right now. It was recorded in 1997, but could have been recorded yesterday. Each player takes center stage and shows the talents they possess.

*Check out Steve Gadd's discography and you'll be amazed. He dominated the jazz and fusion jazz scene of the seventies with his electrifying drumming and never stopped recording or touring.

*Marcus Miller has recorded on over 500 albums alone, as well as producing everyone under the sun. His slappin' bass is second to none these days and if you want to gasp just take a look at his discography too. It's insane.

*Joe Sample is one of the founding members of the Jazz Crusaders, need I say more? Oh, there's more.

*David Sanborn has been an alto sax-playing icon for as long as I can remember. I've been listening and imitating him ever since I first picked up a saxophone, when I was 16 years old. He's been a modern-day sax hero to scores of jazz players for decades. Here's his Facebook page.

*And then there is Eric Clapton. He's considered one of the greatest rock/blues guitarists of all time. Rolling Stone ranked him #4 on their 100 Greatest Guitarist list.

Please enjoy!

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