Tea Party Mania!

The Tea party can make you crazy. Yes, it can.

Okay, so you’re not going to believe this, so here’s the link.

There’s a 51 year old guy named Doug Sedenquist who lives in Michigan. Doug got arrested because it’s a felony not to put down the rifle you have pointing at yourself in your pickup truck, even if you are a major proponent of open carry. He had a court date set on this case but he had to miss it.

Wanna know why?

Because he was back in jail for extortion, stalking and possession of a drug chemically similar to a controlled substance.

Dude, some lawyer is getting a new Beemer thanks to you.

And why did I want to tell you this story?

Doug is the former vice chairman of the Delta County GOP, and is now a Tea Party activist and hosts a radio show.

Yeah, that stuff can drive you crazy. And that’s a fact.

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