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Real Time On Harriet Miers

Real Time on Harriet Miers Bill Maher used his New Rules segment to lampoon Harriet Miers nomination. [media id=14067]-WMP low res Bittorrent-WMP Hi

Freeway Blogger: 2K Why?

Freeway Blogger: 2K Why? The Freeway Blogger is on a new mission with a can of paint and some cardboard. Check it out and join in if you can.

Shame On You Repubs-Video

Shame on you Repubs-Video Think Progress: Emotions erupted on the floor of the House of Representatives this afternoon as the right-wing-led Congres

When Christians Collide

When Christians Collide Keith was on fire last night. Pat Buchanan threw James Dobson under the bus yesterday while discussing his outrage over the H

Alan Colmes Shuts Newt Up

Alan Colmes shuts Newt Up (I got ten emails on this spot) NewsHounds: "With the Bush Administration up to its eyeballs in political hot water, Sean