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Ben Stein's Lunacy

Former Nixon speechwriter Stein has a message for the President. Karl Rove did nothing wrong. Ben please spare us the prostate exam analogy. Listeni


Incompetence on Senate Intel-VIDEO TPMCafe: "Today , while appearing on CNN's Late Edition, Roberts repeated the specious claim that Valerie Plame co

Cliche Game

Fred "get me that comviction" Thompson was talking to Timmy and says that Judge Roberts is a "man of integrity." Really? I never knew. If you've ever

Howard Dean And La Raza

Latinos For Texas Blog Thanks to Jackie Strange for a heads up on a excellent article from the Houston Chronicle about Dean and La Raza. (from ht

Twelve Hours To Shred

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the President might regard a vacancy on the Supreme Court as an opportunity to reward one of his politica

More On Abu Hafs Al Masri

A Fistful of Euros The Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino has just stated that he considers threats against Italy by the Islamic militant grou


Duncan takes the right to task over the London shooting, and I say that he is right on. "Bush and the Right generally have become masters of

Jailed Iraqi Blogger Freed.

Khalid Jarrar's mother reports that Iraqi blogger Khalid is free and on his way to Jordan! Great news. Hopefully, we'll hear more good news about him