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Mike's Blog Round Up

The Mighty Middle: Unified Iraq? The Kurds may have other ideas... King of Zembla: Out with the old, in with the same old... This Modern World: The

Making Stuff Up

"Move America Forward," somehow has information about WMD's that the White House doesn't. The Swiftboating has begun for '06. MyDD has more: "This

John Gibson: World's Worst

Olbermann had a field day with O'Reilly and John Gibson tonight. [media id=14301]-WMP [media id=14302]-QT big file 18 mgs Bittorrent-WMP Keith: O

Open Thread

I have Olbermann going off on Gibson coming up later. (I need to take a break for a little while)

Matt Goes Ga-ga For Coulter

Ann Coulter joined Matt Lauer on the Today show earlier this morning. I don't care if Ann is hired on as many tours and talk shows that she can get f

Top Ten Iraq Myths Of 2005

Juan Cole offers his list: "Iraq has unfortunately become a football in the rough and ready, two-party American political arena, generating large nu

Lord Of The...

I just woke up to do a spot with The Mike Newcomb show who is filling in for Bill Press all this week. I'm going back to bed now, but I forgot to post

Mike's Blog Round Up

Media Matters: Top 12 media myths on BUSHCO's spying. Ezra Klein has NSA Questions, Bob has a visual aid, and says Bolton's NSA requests ar

Open Thread

Jonathan: "You learned the entire Klingon dictionary in two and a half weeks." Andrew: "That had much clearer transitive and intransitive rules, OK?"

SNL: Condi Vs Boxer

Another blast from the past video from C&L. In January of '05, SNL had a parody of Barbara Boxer questioning Condi Rice at her confirmation heari