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HBO's Six Feet Under: Bush re-elected because evil in world "...there's a reason Bush was re-elected. Shit goes wrong because there is evil in the w

June's Downloads

C&L had almost 8000 gigs downloaded in the month of June. Frankly...that's pretty amazing. The donation drive came at the right time. As most of y

Oliver Willis & Brad Blog

Has a podcast called The America Show. He's got his own talkfest going on. Brad Blog has the latest on Joseph Wilson: The President should fire Rove'

Stupid Santorum Jokes

In honor of the Victims Group that blasted Santorum and his continued effort to make an ass out of himself, I've started something new. Instead of Stu

Gingrich On The TODAY SHOW

Listening to Newt Gingrich call Joesph Wilson a liar on The TODAY Show illustrates the depths at which the GOP has fallen in the Plame leak investigat