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We Are All Evil Edsels

so says Instapundit: via Oliver Willis Nope. And, as I keep repeating, this is no strategy for building a Democratic majority. Similarly, stuff like

Avowedly With Them

Avowedly With Them via Digby :read the whole post: Excerpt: Sadly, being plagued with some incurable need for intellectual honesty, I can't

Eason Jordan Resigns

via Jay Rosen Just got off the phone with Howard Kurtz. It's confirmed. Eason Jordan resigned today about an hour ago This is the statement CNN put

FOX Opinion Poll

The Left Coaster exposed the Gallop Poll's heavily weighted republican slant here Yesterday's Gallup Poll Showing Bush Approval At 57% Had 9% More Rep

Digby On Hugh Hewitt

C&L has been doing an occasional review on Hugh Hewitt's book called " Blog" here and World O' Crap here. From our previous post: "I'm doing it

In A Nutshell

via AmericaBlog From the Poynter Institute's Web site: I have read much more about the Gannon/Guckert situation in recent weeks than Eason Jordan,

Blitzer And Gannon

Is the fix in? I couldn't believe this interview. You watch and decide. Video Buzz Machine says: Wolf asks whether he was there to ask softball