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The Boston Globe examines The Administration's Education policy. Please read the full article:A broken promise to children By Robert Kuttner | Septemb

Reality Check

by Andrew Sullivan t some point, this election race will tighten again, and, against the odds, it seems to me that John Kerry has finally found a way

Insurgents Will Not Succeed

Colin Powel's Op-Ed in the USA Today shows how he continues to behave like a Republican talking point memo. I thought we went into the war because of


Swifties put in their place, once again.A War Hero or a Phony? Published: September 18, 2004 o is John Kerry a war hero or a medal-grabbing phony?

From BBC News:

Blair 'was warned of Iraq chaos' Tony Blair was warned by Jack Straw there could be post-war problems in Iraq, according to newspaper reports. The

Finally The Navy Speaks Up.

Navy says Kerry's service awards were properly approved. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Navy's chief investigator concluded Friday that procedures were f