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Video Clip O' Humor

Video Clip O' HumorWinning bid for the Virgin Mary Cheese sandwich is:28,000.00 dollars.What was that saying? Oh yea.."there's a sucker born every min

Bill Moyers On Condi Rice

Bill Moyers on Condi RiceThis is a feature on her appointment as Secretary of State. VideoIt points out her failures as NSA and her testimony to the 9

Kevin Sites Speaks Out

Kevin Sites speaks out! The journalist who took the video footage of the marine shooting!"Aside from breathing, I did not observe any movement at all.

Morally Correct

Morally Correctby Peter Beinart excerpt: Sometimes, conservative evangelicals grasp this and find nonreligious justifications for their views. (Chri

Where's The Moral Outrage?

Where's the moral outrage?"Raiderettes in Paradise," a romp around the beach with half-naked cheerleaders aired right before kickoff today.Given the a