Chris Hayes Says Good-bye To UP

Chris Hayes signs off his eponymous show and promises future in-depth discussions on his new primetime weekday show.

Chris Hayes signed off on his final "UP with Chris Hayes" program, with the promise of continued in-depth discussions of the news of the day on his new prime time weekday program, which will replace "The Ed Show", beginning April 1.

Because I know that both Hayes and his Executive Producer Jonathan Larsen (who will remain producing UP with new host Steve Kornacki) read Crooks and Liars, I want to give C&Lers a chance to thank them for creating the first Sunday show that looks beyond talking points and hackery and treats their viewers as intelligent and capable of nuanced thinking.

Thank you, Chris. Thank you, Jon...and best wishes for Steve Kornacki for continued excellence. Please let that attitude spread through the rest of NBC News.

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