11 Year Old Child Brings AR-15 To New Hampshire Gun Rally


Hunter Cogswell, 11, of Concord brought an AR-15 and a big flag reading "Come and Take It" to the Honor Your Oath rally held at the State House on Saturday. (Shawne K. Wickham/Union Leader)

Apparently the weapon was real and he could do this legally in the state of New Hampshire. Organizers called the event not a gun rally but an "Honor Your Oath" event as a warning to lawmakers who break the faith, presumably to the Second Amendment.

via The Union Leader

Organizers said the event, which happened to fall on the birthdate of Thomas Jefferson, was not a "gun rally."

But that didn't stop 11-year-old Hunter Cogswell of Concord from bringing an AR-15 and a big white flag with black lettering: "Come and Take It."

The boy said he was there to "stand up for gun rights."

"I believe in gun rights. It's our constitutional right," he said, adding the gun was real but "not loaded."

Emcee Jeff Chidester, a local radio talk show host, jokingly welcomed "all you racist, hateful tea-baggers to this event."


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