Scott Walker Is A Rockstar For Billionaires

Barrett: Walker is a Rockstar for Billionaires and the Tea Party.


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett had several good lines in their first debate Friday night against his repugnant adversary Scott Walker. One of them was this one.

(CNN) – Democrat Tom Barrett, who is trailing embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in polls ahead of Wisconsin's June 5 recall election, sought to portray his challenger as a divisive "rock star" to the tea party in a debate Friday, claiming the incumbent Republican had torn apart the state in pursuit of national political ambitions.
"He wants this state to be the prototype for the tea party nationally," Barrett said. "That's why he's such a rock star, they love him. The conservatives love him, the right wing loves him, because he's doing exactly what they want him to do. He's not doing what the people in Wisconsin want him to do, and he's pleasing these billionaires."

Because the rules for a recall election provide no limits on campaign financing a virtual who's who of rightwing billionaires have lined up to support Walker. The Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, Diane Hendricks and others are all in for Walker. And what kind of advantage is this? In direct fundraising Tom Barrett is being outraised 25-1 (as in millions). From outside groups Walker has built up a 3-1 media buy advantage for the remaining two months before the June 5th election, where those groups alone will spend a staggering $17.5 million from March 20th to the election.

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