Charles Darwin Gets Nearly 4000 Votes Against Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)


Controversial Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia who ran unopposed in his deep red district was going to get re-elected but that didn't stop a lot of voters from expressing their displeasure with being represented by this type of person.

ATHENS, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - The elections may be over but the controversy continues for U.S. Rep. Paul Broun from district 10 in Athens. The Republican gained notoriety for comments he made on a YouTube video that said evolution and the Big Bang theory come "straight from the pit of hell."

Broun easily won re-election on Tuesday, but thousands of voters showed their displeasure with him by writing in their own candidates.

The election supervisor in Clarke County had never seen a write-in report as lengthy as the one she saw this year.

"I did not feel that I could in good faith vote for Mr. Broun," said voter Leslie Swann. "I wrote in a candidate of my choice."

"Who's that?" asked CBS Atlanta reporter Steve Kiggins.

"That would be the devil because I would vote for the devil himself before I would vote for that man," replied Swann.

Swann wasn't alone - nearly 4,000 people wrote in votes for the Origin of Species author, Charles Darwin.

But Darwin wasn't the only write-in candidate found on the ballots; Sesame Street's Big Bird made it a few times, and so did Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert. Also making the list was Eve Olution - plus one vote for Star Trek's Captain Sulu, George Takei.


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