Dick Cheney: More Progressive Than Barack Obama?

Speaking today at the National Press Club for the Gerald R. Ford Foundation journalism awards, Dick Cheney said:

"I think that freedom means freedom for everyone," replied the former V.P. "As many of you know, one of my daughters is gay and it is something we have lived with for a long time in our family. I think people ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish. Any kind of arrangement they wish. The question of whether or not there ought to be a federal statute to protect this, I don't support. I do believe that the historically the way marriage has been regulated is at the state level. It has always been a state issue and I think that is the way it ought to be handled, on a state-by-state basis. ... But I don't have any problem with that. People ought to get a shot at that."

And in truth, Darth Cheney has said similar things on the subject in recent years. But it is a little odd that one of those most rightwing of all national political figures can have any position to the left of the current president.


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