Elizabeth Warren Is A 'Rock Star'

Elizabeth Warren is a 'Rock Star'

via Hotline:

Is consumer advocate and Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren the biggest rock star candidate in the 2012 Senate races?

Judging by the turnout at her campaign events, the answer so far, is yes.
The Democrat drew a crowd of about 1,000 people at a campaign rally in Roxbury on Sunday, NECN reports. And, as the Boston Globe notes, it's not her first campaign event to draw a large number of people. Warren has also held volunteer events that have consistently drawn hundreds of people.

On November 3, she drew 500 supporters to an event. The event was not in the populous Boston metro area; rather it was in Pittsfield, a city in Western Massachusetts. On November 6, she spoke to a crowd of about 200 at a similar event.

Those are numbers even the presidential candidates wouldn't turn up their noses at.

(Publisher's Note:) She's a Blue America candidate and you can donate to her campaign here.

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