Joe Lieberman Glitter Bombed By Occupy DC

Joe Lieberman glitter-bombed by Occupy DC

The heckling and jeering was well-deserved, as Mr. Independent from Connecticut does indeed suck. He looked none too pleased by being bombed. I love this report by ace reporter Ellen Scott for WUSA.

Text via WUSA. Video by YouTube user OccupySD99.

Tonight some of the most powerful people in America met at the 99th Annual Alfalfa Club dinner. This club is made up of some of the most influential people in America, including President Obama. Occupy DC decided to show up to the meeting as well.

Occupy DC Protesters tested the patience of Metropolitan Police Officers tonight when they threw water and glitter at guests, including Senator Joe Lieberman. Officers did their best manning the two square block perimeter around the Capitol Hilton.

The mostly young crowd turned the protest into what they called a street party for the 99 percent to counter the Alfalfa Club's one percent. The rowdy, topless, and sometimes pot-smoking protesters were not arrested.

Codepink's Alli McCracken tweeted this bit of whimsy last night:


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