John King Chides Republicans For Their Pettiness

John King Chides Republicans For Their Pettiness
1 year ago by Scarce

National conventions are tightly scripted, mostly made-for-tv events these days. What drama there was during the roll call vote by the states at the Republican National Convention was mostly confined to some anger from Ron Paul supporters on their shabby treatment. Case in point, the rather strange decision to not announce Ron Paul's votes at all from the stage. Someone from each state would come to the microphone, proudly announce their state totals for each candidate, and then when repeated from the stage, any votes not for Mitt Romney would not be named at all . A bit surreal. John King on CNN called the move "petty" and "fifth grade level". (Even Wolf Blitzer put on his serious face for that one.) A few minutes later John Sununu, a Romney surrogate and rules committee chairman for the convention, came on to explain that there were still hard feelings at some state levels where they felt the Ron Paul supporters had "hijacked" their conventions.

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