Jon Stewart’s Epic Parody Of Glenn Beck

Jon Stewart’s Epic Parody Of Glenn Beck’s Farewell

Colby Hall of Mediaite had this take on Stewart's epic parody, almost an entire show devoted to the end of Glenn Beck at Fox News.

When news broke yesterday that Beck’s days at Fox News were suddenly numbered, it was only a matter of time before The Daily Show host made some hay from the announcement, which he did tonight in epic fashion, complete with chalkboards, dramatic eyeglasses and apocalyptic rhetoric that has been Beck’s trademark style for two years.

Stewart’s imitation of Beck was so complete — with every nuanced tick, idiosyncratic oratorical flourish and pregnant pause — that it confirmed that he’s actually a regular viewer (dare one say fan? student?) of Mr. Beck’s; there even seemed to be a hint of mutual respect in the tone of the parody (that lasted over segments).

Hall is completely wrong about the "mutual respect" aspect though. One may admire the hucksterism, the complete and utter shamelessness of a media whore like Glenn Beck. But respect is not the word to be used. Ever.

Actually, Stewart explains it best at the final line of the conclusion:

"He was great for business."

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