GOP Flack Resigns After Posting About Throwing Acid At Democratic Senators

Nan Hayworth Flack Resigns After Posting About Acid Throwing at Democratic Senators

Jay Townsend was, until recently, the communications director for Rep. Nan Hayworth (NY-18) in the Hudson Valley. His Facebook comment about hurling acid at Democratic Senators didn't go over well. Townsend isn't some run-of-the-mill GOP schmuck either. He ran unsuccessfuly against Chuck Schumer for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

And although Nan Hayworth later called the remarks "not acceptable" and she wasn't "pleased" by them, Townsend resigned --wasn't fired-- after nearly a week of media pressure. Even now on her Facebook page Nan Hayworth refers to the matter as a "manufactured controversy".

This is today's Republican Party, ladies and gentlemen.

(video and text by YNN, Hudson Valley)

FISHKILL, N.Y. -- A spokesperson for 18th District Incumbent Nan Hayworth's campaign leaves his post after posting a comment on Facebook. The comment is being called vile, shameful and highly unprofessional.

"Certain rhetoric is not acceptable," said Hayworth Campaign Spokesperson Tim Murtough.

Ties severed between Jay Townsend and Congresswoman Nan Hayworth's campaign. Townsend resigned after writing a comment on Facebook that left users wide-eyed and appalled.

Townsend posted: "Hurl acid at those female democratic senators." He has since apologized, saying it was a stupid, thoughtless, insensitive comment.

Townsend has been working alongside Hayworth for roughly three months. The Republican Representative is running for re-election.

"She was not very pleased about what he had said," responded Murtough.

Others weren't pleased either. Responses to such a statement piled up on Facebook and elsewhere.

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