Not April Fools: Sarah Palin To Co-Host The Today Show

Not April Fools: Sarah Palin to Co-Host 'The Today Show'

As TV Newser mentioned earlier today, Sarah Palin will be co-hosting on Tuesday.

Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests were somewhat incredulous at the news, figuring it had to be an April Fool's joke. The dumbing-down of American media continues.

As we mentioned Saturday, Lester Holt announced on “Nightly News” that Sarah Palin would be a guest on the “Today” show Tuesday. But this morning on Weekend “Today”, Holt said that Palin will be co-hosting Tuesday’s show.

While Palin is not stranger to TV — she had a short-lived career as a sports anchor in Alaska (below) — she has made a career out of hating on what she has dubbed the “lamestream media” mostly through her segments on Fox News Channel where she is a paid political analyst.

And much of her criticism has been directed at Katie Couric whose award-winning interview with Palin in 2008, when Couric was with CBS News, continues to haunt the former VP nominee. The irony of pitting Palin and Couric head-to-head on the two leading national morning shows is just too sweet.

This guest list for the week is somewhat telling. From Fox News:

Other high-profile guests appearing on "Today" this week are "Octomom" Nadya Suleman, Kim Kardashian, the Duggar family and rapper Nicki Minaj.

Here's the promo for it:

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