Palin Did NOT Know Africa A Continent ?

[media id=6743] Carl Cameron does one of those Now-it-can-be-told stories Fox likes to do. In this episode we learn that: Palin did NOT know Afr

Carl Cameron does one of those Now-it-can-be-told stories Fox likes to do. In this episode we learn that:

  1. Palin did NOT know Africa was a continent.
  2. She did NOT know who the parties to NAFTA were. [Hint: U.S., Canada, Mexico]
  3. She threw dramatic temper tantrums over bad press.
  4. She refused to prepare for the Gibson or Couric interviews.

None of this really came out during the Presidential campaign because of course it was told "off the record". There are a few ways to look at this, the most interesting being is why they felt the need to spill the beans the day after the election. Are the knives really out on Sarah Palin? Sure seems so. Time will tell.

Smith: Now that the election is over, Carl, tell us more about those reports of infighting between Palin and McCain staffers.

Cameron: I wish I could have told you more at the time but all of it was put off the record until after the election. There was great concern in the McCain campaign that Sarah Palin lack the degree of knowledgeability necessary to be a running mate, a vice president, and a heartbeat away from the presidency. We’re told by folks that she didn’t know what countries that were in NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, that being the Canada, the US, and Mexico. We’re told she didn’t understand that Africa was a continent rather than a country just in itself ... a whole host of questions that caused serious problems about her knowledgeability. She got very angry at staff, thought that she was mishandled.....was particularly angry about the way the Katie Couric interview went. She didn’t accept preparation for that interview when the aides say that that was part of the problem. And that there were times that she was hard to control emotionally there's talk of temper tantrums at bad news clippings......

Notwithstanding that there is to be an avalanche that will continue for many days now we’re told of story upon story of the foibles of Sarah Palin.

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