The Young Turks‘ Ana Kasparian Sends Out A 'F*ck You' To Fox's Greg Gutfeld

The Young Turks‘ Ana Kasparian Sends Out a 'F*ck You' to Fox's Greg Gutfeld


During Tuesday's online edition of The Young Turks, co-host Ana Kasparian had this response to the "humor" of Fox's Greg Gutfeld that NOW (the National Organization of Women) is superfluous because women do have the right to shop.

KASPARIAN: “I’m going to make an argument that misogyny doesn’t exist. That women have all the rights they want, by making a sexist comment about them. Fuck you! But that’s what Fox News is, right? They hire clowns to make clownish arguments.”

And while Cenk Uygur did point out Gutfeld was just joking the fact that it is just this type of knuckle-dragger humor, as practiced by Limbaugh and others of a conservative bent, that is losing votes for Republicans.

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